First Preschool Schedule – Take 1

Our schedule is contingent on his little brother taking a morning nap. The time of day will most likely be shifted to fit the nap schedule, but I strive to fit it in every weekday.

Here is the key to crack the code of the schedule:

  • The large numbers are just item numbers, they’re not actually referenced and may be left off when I redo this.
  • The small number beside the item number is how many minutes we spend on each topic. Barrett is in charge of setting the timers. We have two that we use INSERT PICTURE OF TIMERS
  • I start our time with a preplanned game. Check out the list of games we have played so far here.
  • Reading is the longest block and is the hardest for him to work through. It takes quite a bit more stamina than the other parts and it’s much harder for him. We spend a lot of time making it fun, adding in rewards, and talking about successes! Read through about rewards and tips and tricks to see what we’ve done together.
  • His worksheet is a dotted print out of his name for him to trace. We started with three names to trace but lowered it two partway through the week. Three was just too much for the little guy! The other worksheet goes with the reading lesson. It may only be finishing up a previous one or really doing some solid work on it.
  • Numbers is our math time. I have been working with Barrett on counting and number recognition for, literally, his whole life. We count everything and talk about numbers throughout the day, every day. I anticipated him being proficient with 1 to 20 but he’s pretty wobbly with 1 to 10 still. I am taking this work time way back and going so slow. Click here to learn more about what we’re doing in math.
  • Language is not a second language, it is a pre-pre-pre-writing program. It teaches rationalizing and thinking skills. It’s akin to a glorified Simon Says.
  • Those shapes separating the top from the bottom are our indicators of if we can move on or not. If he gets through the top lessons successfully then we color in the next shape (practicing shape and color names and patterns).
  • Art has been a treat for me because usually I try to include Grayson but that changes the whole dynamic when he is eating our materials. This one on one art time has been a time I really look forward to!
  • Barrett’s Choice has been a life saver during the lesson when he wants to get up and do something else he has noticed. I can remind him we’ll do it then. That is also one on one and is fun time for us to have dedicated time together.
  • The idea behind making lunch together was that Grayson would still be asleep while Barrett and I made lunch. His nap would end perfectly to eat as soon as he was up! This has not worked out once this week! However, B and I have been doing working on cooking and prepping lunch together if we can.
  • Free Time is supposed to be focused free time. Purposeful time away from me to do playing on his own, labeled as free time. This may be adjusted as we go too. When things come up in the day that I need him to play independently while I take care of it I want to be able to prompt that. Right now Bear is great at playing on his own but it just happens. It has not really worked for me to say go play.
  • The writing in pencil to the right are ideas for that subject that I didn’t want to forget. I always think I’ll remember everything but I really need to jot notes to remember and to prompt more ideas.