Progress update: 4 years and a smidge!

Sound recognition: /r/, /a/, /m/, /s/, and /e/ are all firm sounds.

Letter recognition: B, b, G are all at mastery though he knows several more he is not to mastery with them.

Numbers – one to one correspondence : 0 through 10 are firm. He is pretty solid with counting up to 10 items though on occasion we have a little whoopsie.

Numbers – recognition: 0 through 10

Numbers – oral counting: 1 to 20, but the teens get real wonky, real fast! He loves to count and hates to be corrected!

Colors – Barrett is firm on all colors: red, pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, black, brown, gray

Shapes – He is firm on most shapes. Very common shapes he is at mastery with! Shapes he knows: circle, square, star, oval, heart, (octagon, hexagon, and pentagon he knows but gets them confused easily), triangle, and rectangle.

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