Our snowball fight game I thought would be the biggest dud and it ended up being his favorite! He begs to play!

I had some foam packing sheets from a desk we had ordered. I cut it into circles in a few different sizes, but roughly the same. When it was time to play I showed him all of the “snowballs” and told him to get ready to have a snowball fight!

We do this in our classroom (my office) to keep it contained and set our timer.

Barrett likes to get on the chair and throw the snowballs down onto me and I try a frisbee action. Because they’re so light they really don’t go anywhere but we have a blast just the same.


At some point during our game time, we like to build snowmen by stacking them up. I use this as an opportunity to talk about size names, biggest/bigger, medium, smallest/smaller. The title picture is of Barrett building a snowman with our foam snowballs.

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