I could tell you how to lose weight and how to live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s a whole different deal to apply it to myself. I know you know. I know!

I decided I really need something more than calorie counting. I debated between Noom and WW as I kept seeing ads for both. I did a google search to compare the two and found a lot of great information. The reviews for Noom actually reference WW a lot. I found overwhelming information saying that WW was a more comprehensive lifestyle change. That made a lot of sense to me.

Joining WW

I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of July. I’ve used WW in the past and liked it. Back in the day, it was in person meetings that you attended. This worked fine for that time of my life but definitely wouldn’t work so well now. In fact, there’s not even an option for that where I live. Luckily there is a new (new to me) online version. The app is really easy to use and comes with 24/7 coaching support. It is not exactly the same as having an in-person membership, but it gets the job done.

Analyzing My Relationship with food

Over the last few months, I have become more aware of myself and my relationship with food. I spend a great deal of time thinking about food, what I will eat, and fantasizing about what I want to eat. I have talked with people that don’t ever think about food and have shared that they would even forget to eat. I cannot relate to this even in the slightest way.

What is interesting is that I cannot find any reason for me to have a relationship like this with food. There was no childhood food insecurity, shaming in my family, forced eating, or punishment with food. In fact, the other members of my family do not think about food the way I do. Since beginning WW I have had some of the longest lengths of time in a day that I did not think about what and when I would eat next.

Incredible Realizations

Here are some big ah-ha moments for me that I try to stay cognizant of. Being aware of the changes is one of the big things that keeps me motivated to continue.

  • The serving size is generally satisfying. Ordering a small, or measuring out my food would feel like I was going without. Like I was really missing something. Since starting I have been able to really internalize the idea that the serving size will be plenty. And, I can always have more if I really need it. You know what? I never do.
  • I will say that there are some things that I would rather not eat than have to have a small portion of it. With WW nothing is off limits, it just has to be planned for and tracked. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be planned for. Just tracked. This is so freeing.
  • I’ve always liked veggies but on WW you get extra points if you eat enough vegetables. I find myself really looking forward to and craving my piles of veggies! I like to roast or BBQ a bunch of different things and use them throughout the week.
  • I generally need to really watch that I don’t let myself get too hungry or I end up feeling sick and get impatient with others. I also used scheduled snacks and meals to make sure I didn’t binge from being too hungry. Over the last few months, I have skipped snacks because my main meal kept me feeling full and satisfied until the next meal. I still watch that I don’t go too long because being hangry is a real issue.
  • This has been the most interesting, my gums do not bleed when I brush them. I have even flossed and didn’t have any blood. I really think this is due to the amount of vegetables I am eating. I have had more spinach in the last 3 months than I have in my whole life.
  • When checking points on foods I had normally been eating it is no wonder I was where I was. Even when I felt like I was overall making smart choices I was consuming so much more than I needed.
  • I have not felt like I am going without. This is very much a system I can maintain. I will say that there are times I just want to grab a bowl of cereal and not think about anything. But this comes down to prepping food ahead of time. If I have things set to go then I don’t find myself wanting the “easy” route.
  • Because I get points for exercising and doing activities (even playing with the kids!) I have started wearing workout clothes for the day. This makes me feel like moving! I am way more active and participate more with the kids and their play when I dress for it!
  • When I have really focused on counting calories and portion control in the past I would have dreams that I was in a bakery or buffet and would eat and eat! I was always happy and generally could even guide my dream. They were the best!! I had my very first dream where I was in a bakery and didn’t eat anything. I didn’t even want it! Like, what?!?

My long term goal is to make changes that can be maintained for life. I don’t want to get caught in the diet trap of gaining the weight back once I have lost it. I believe that what I’m doing with WW is helping me to create lifelong habits for myself and my family.

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