Weekly Weigh In 5/31/22


No Scale Victory (NSV):


173 lbs.

I keep catching myself wanting to write about all the reasons why I am not hitting my goals. That’s not the point of this space. Right at this moment, I want to capture what has felt great to me, what has been a victory for me in regard to my health.

Today I went on a very long walk and whenever the little guys were out of the burley bee (a super awesome jogging/hiking/bike trailer) I jogged with them. I was impressed with their stamina, they kept on running! I’m even more impressed with my own! My children’s safety on the side of the road is a great motivator to keep running.

We stopped to admire some flowers and the owner gifted each kiddo their own to take with them!

I envisioned recording my general workouts here. I have not been hitting my normal workout routine (45 minutes on my treadmill) and haven’t put a new one in place yet.

I did do some Step Ups on a log disk in my backyard while my little guys played. It wouldn’t have been complete without them joining me as soon as I started to do anything other than watching them. Grayson (2) started telling Barrett (4) and I when to start and stop. Barrett kept up with me while I did 10 with a right leg start and then 10 with a left leg start. I did roughly 4 repititions. I added in a few Box Jumps onto the same log disk, but I gotta tell ya, those are a doozy! I’ll need to work up to them!

Step Ups: 4 repetitions of 10 on each leg.

Mini Box Jump: 5

Calf Stretch: 5 stretches against the stump on both calves

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