I have taught using the Direct Instruction curriculum for 14 years. Seeing the success of it firsthand made it an easy decision for me to pull it into our preschool work. The hardest part is to remember to slow down from a 5 and 6-year-old pacing to that of a 3 year old. Taking it slowly and skipping the built-in repetition for mastered items has been a game changer! I will share more about each program used below.

Reading Mastery is our primary reading program.


Reading Mastery K Signature Edition is used for our reading time.

Pre-Writing Skills

Language for Learning, also a McGraw-Hill program, is used for our language lesson. This is the groundwork for reasoning, classroom language, and pre-writing skills.

Math and Numbers

Math has been a combination of wording I gleaned from teaching the McGrawHill Connecting Math Concepts program along with fun worksheets and counting activities. I strongly believe that math at this age just needs to be a lot of exposure and practice with number recognition, counting, and one-to-one correspondence.


Worksheets are mixes of what is built into the programs being used, what has been made by me or for me by other teacher-friends, and workbooks I have picked up along the way.