During Barrett’s Pre-K time he gets to choose an activity for us to do together. If we have skipped school or during breaks I’ll try to hit one of these activities during Grayson’s nap time. We usually call these our games, but sometimes it is a craft that is easier to do when Grayson is sleeping. Creating a few minutes of deep connection is crucial on so many levels for him and me.

I bought this little dino stuffy from JoAnn’s Fabric at a discount. You sew the two felt pieces together, stuff it, and add some stickers. It was a bit out of his ability level which worked in my favor for a team activity. We did some hand-over-hand work as needed. Him being tucked into my lap is part of the process and connection I want to nurture. At the end of the post, there is a link to a kit with these activities in it!


Here’s a link to projects like this for you to try with your little!


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