Book Reviews

We love our little local library! It is about a 15 minute bike ride, which is perfect for the littles and me. We have not been often, yet, but are looking forward to more trips. When we have gone we borrowed as many books as we could carry.

Although it is a small library it carries a variety of items: audiobooks, books that read the story aloud, an educational tablet, some household items, and our very favorite, take-away craft bags! We don’t tend to spend a long time there but we always enjoy it!

As I read aloud our borrowed treasures I tend to have pretty strong feelings immediately. Sometimes there are books that are just ok. I would read them again but I wouldn’t go buy them or borrow them again. Generally, I love the books we read and have to remember we don’t need to own them. Then, there are books that I wonder how they got published. I shake my head at these ones and hope against hope that I’m not asked to read them again.

I want to share my finds with you so that you can borrow them at your local library or purchase a copy for your own home library.