Title: The Babies and Doggies Book      By: John and Molly     Verdict: Check it out at the library!    Find it on Amazon

Grayson adored this book! All three of us enjoyed reading this book over and over. It had us giggling how they matched up babies and dogs!


Title: Thank You, Farm     By: Editors of Storey Publishing     Verdict: Meh, check it out for yourself     Find it on Amazon

Although we did read it several times while we had it, it isn’t one that we would check out again. I loved the storyline of appreciation and the illustrations were well done. We loved talking about each picture and what we saw.


Title: Boxitects     By: Kim Smith     Verdict: It was great!      Find it on Amazon

Barrett would love for me to buy this book! We read it over and over. I adore that the lead characters are girls of color. They have a conflict that they work through and finally resolve by the end. This lent itself to discussions about what Barrett would have done in a situation like theirs. This book really got Bear into wanting to build his own things out of our cardboard boxes! Grayson would listen to the story but never asked to be read this one.


Title: Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?     By: Tom Slaughter     Verdict: It was great!      Find it on Amazon

We all loved this book and I plan to check it out again! I probably wouldn’t buy it, but we really did enjoy it! Both Barrett and Grayson would ask for it to be read. It ended up being one of Barrett’s bedtime reads for several nights. A big draw for me is that we are working on rhyming words and there are so many throughout this book. Grayson loved the pictures and lifting the flaps!


Title: Bear Sees Colors     By: Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman     Verdict: It was great!      Find it on Amazon

I would buy this one to keep! We all loved it! I probably picked it to read out loud more than they did, honestly. I loved the rhyming, the story, and the illustrations. Wonderfully done! There are 9 Bear books that I am looking forward to reading! That crazy bear!


Title: The Spring Book    By: todd Parr     Verdict: Meh, B loved it      Find it on Amazon

Barrett was addicted to this book and I really didn’t want to read it again. I do not know what struck his fancy, but it struck hard. I do remember when Todd Parr’s first book came out in 2001. I will most likely check out more of his books because I did love his first book, It’s Okay to be Different. The crazy illustrations I think really draw kids in. We used The Spring Book to discuss spring and holidays.

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