We have been taking advantage of our local library’s Grab and Go crafts program. They offer 2 or 3 different crafts that you can grab and have just about everything you need. One of our favorites was a mask watercoloring with tissue paper!

The bag had tissue paper, a plain white cotton mask, a cup, and a foam brush. It also came with detailed directions.

EVERYONE should use this method to “watercolor” on paper or other crafty places!

  1. Lay precut shapes, squares, or ripped pieces of colored tissue paper on the surface to be colored.
  2. Wet foam brush in water and dap or gently brush across the tissue paper. Once it is saturated it will bleed the color out onto the surface….and your fingers…
  3. We tried both drying methods. For one of them, you take the tissue off and discard and for the other, you leave it on until dry and then peel it off. I did not notice a huge difference either way. With the first method, we did use the saturated tissue to continue “painting” on the surface.

Things we learned:

Not all the colors bled the same. One of our colors really just didn’t do anything despite our best efforts.

Doing this on run of the mill paper was fun too!

I enjoyed it more than the little man did!

The original directions suggested that you wear gloves to protect your fingers from stains. I ignored this and ended up with very bright fingers! Barrett really did not like getting it on him so I did the messy parts and he did the foam brush from a safe distance.

I did not include Grayson in this activity because the boo still eats everything. We tried tissue paper before and ended up with a very blue mouth.

This is one I need to add to a regular rotation!

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  1. Susan Spreadborough July 26, 2022 at 4:42 am - Reply

    If you try this project out I would love to hear about it!

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